Denon is a Japanese electronics company that is the originator of digital audio technologies, which specializes in hi-fi equipment in the professional and consumer fields.

Its history begins in 1910. For several decades, Denon was a Nippon Columbia brand. In 2001, Denon was bought for its electronic part with 98% of the shares held by Ripplewood Holdings and 2% by Hitachi. In 2002, Ripplewood Holdings founded D & M by acquiring Marantz. D & M Holdings is created. The Denon brand comes from "the abbreviation of Japan Denki Onkyo" in 1939 "denki" meaning "electric" and "on" or "onkyo" meaning "sound" or "acoustic".

Denon created in the early 1990s double CD players DJ. Since then it has become a standard. The first range consisted of DN1000F, DN2000F and DN2500F. Denon also created the only dual MiniDisc player for DJs. Their latest products include the DN-D4500 MK2, a wide range DJ mixer, and more recently a high-end DJ headphone. Denon has become known in the field of the Dj deck, notably thanks to the DNS-1000 which, despite its compact form, is a concentrate of technologies, despite a relatively correct price. Denon is also well known for its premium AV amplifiers and legendary high-end mobile voice coil cells such as the DL 103.

Denon is also well known for its high-end mini-channels such as the D-M31, M30 and, more recently, the D-M39. Ceol RCD-N8, CEOL Piccolo N5 and a new line of video products, easy to use, and with a modern design such as the S-Series (S301), which also integrate steering functions IPod. Denon has won numerous awards and awards across Europe.