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    The scanner at Fasila Music Scanners (or scans) are enslaved projectors using a fixed light source and a device for the orientation of the light source. This orientation device is a small mirror, which reflects the light source to an area to be illuminated. This mirror is fixed on two axes: the "pan" (panoramic movement) and the "tilt" (vertical movement). Thanks to its two axes, the mirror can send back the light source to all the surfaces lying between 180 ° in "pan", and 90 ° in "tilt". The scans sees its modulated beam thanks to "gobos", filters colors, prism, focus .... The scanners work mostly with HTI, Halogen, MSD or LED bulbs. If you do not find your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us, other references of the brands presented in this tab are available on order.

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