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  • Pack: 2 LYRES OSRAM 7R 230W + FLIGHT CASE OFFER The Tiger Lyre 7R is a lyre with a very powerful power thanks to its discharge lamp 230W 7R high density. With color wheels, Frost, gobos and a rotating prism effect, it is ultra complete. Its 17-gobos wheel (+ white) and 14-color wheel (+ white) combined with the 8-faceted motorized bilateral rotary prism allow to create many very precise professional effects. The Tiger Lyre 7R works in both DMX or stand-alone mode. In DMX mode, you can choose a simple 16-channel control or a deeper 20-channel control. Among its other features: the strobe with a double lens + a 3-speed random strobe mode, a filter lens for the Frost, rotation of the rotating prism, motorized focus, dimmer 0-100% with a touch control screen as a bonus.Lamp: Osram 7R 230W - 8500 ° K Ballast: Electromagnetic Ballast or Electronic Ballast Lamp duration: around 2000h 1 wheel of 14 colors + white 1 wheel of 17 gobos 17 fixed + white 1 8-facet rotating prism with bilateral rotation Double strobe lens (0.5 to 9 flash / second) + 3-speed random strobe High precision optical lens and lens Beam opening: 3.8 ° Wash effect with...

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Lyres Wash