Pearl Corporation is the world leader in the production of percussion instruments of all kinds, especially batteries.

Pearl Instrument was created in April 1946 by Katsumi Yanagisawa in a small workshop in Sumida near Tokyo to market music desks for musicians. 4 years later, our industrious friend began to manufacture percussion and changed the name of his company to Pearl Industries. Three years later, she became the Pearl Musical Instrument Company and produced all kinds of percussions for Japan (mostly for schools), taking an interest in the American market the following year.

It was in 1959 that one of his friends, owner of a music store, strongly suggested to Yanagisawa to devote himself to drums. Success is immediate and the young entrepreneur understands all the interest of this sector in which he is fully invested.

In 1957, his eldest son, Mitsuo, created the export department. Five years later, he inaugurated a new 4,500 m2 factory in Chiba, Japan, which still remains the company's headquarters. But it was not until 1966 that Pearl commercialized a professional kit under its own brand, the Pearl President.
The company continues to prosper and opened a second factory in 1968; But since the cost of the Japanese labor force has increased sharply, production has been relocated to Taiwan since 1973. In the 1970s, Pearl imagined toms made of fiberglass (Image Creator) and even a plexiglass line (Crystallite) . Continuous innovations that lead them to also offer a snare copper (Jupiter). Over time, and certainly the reason for the tremendous success of the company, they collaborate with the greatest musicians of the moment, including Louie Bellson, Art Blakey, Chester Thompson, Jeff Porcaro, Phil Collins, Ian Paice, to name but a few. Drummers who actively participate in the development of new products, the mainstay of Pearl's policy whose many inventions have become standards of the current battery.

Today, Pearl remains the world's largest battery company with factories and offices in Taiwan, Japan and the United States. Note that the brand manufactures all of its parts, employs more than 600 people worldwide and exports to 55 countries.