cerwin-vega cva 121

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Cerwin-Vega products are recognized for their ability to "shake a house" with their deep deep and uncompromising. The legend writes a new chapter with the launch of two self-powered subwoofers of 18 and 21 inches, the CVA range.

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More info cerwin-vega cva 121

The CVA boxes are manufactured from multi-ply hardwood plywood coated with Coolex® polyurethane paint or a premium quality mat. Both models feature a 35 mm pole socket with removable castors, a cast aluminum grate to both protect the loudspeaker and serve as a heat sink. A master / slave output allows daisy-chaining of several CVA boxes.

  •     1200 Watts RMS
  •     Sub Active Woofer type bass-reflex
  •     HP 21 "SW18C with long excursion, reel 4"
  •     Bandwidth: 35Hz to 135 Hz (± 3dB)
  •     SPL max: 135 dB
  •     Active cross-over filter adjustable from 65 to 130Hz
  •     High pass filter at 25 Hz
  •     Filtered Outputs, Polarity Inverter
  •     Multiple wood enclosure, paint finish

Data sheet cerwin-vega cva 121

Height533 mm
Width806 mm
Depth533 mm
Weight81.6 kg


cerwin-vega cva 121

cerwin-vega cva 121