Lexicon MX300

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With the Lexicon MX300, you have the rich and beautiful sound that characterizes the reverberations used in the biggest studios over the last thirty years and that only Lexicon processors can offer.

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More info Lexicon MX300

The MX300 not only offers exceptional sound quality, but also the ability to program high-quality effects in your digital audio recording application (VST® or AU compatible). Its rugged, tour-proof package allows you to use it on stage, concert after concert. With its multiple routing options and impressive effects library, the MX300 is the perfect solution for all sound and recording applications.

  •     2 XLR Inputs / Outputs and 6.35mm Jack
  •     1 Digital Stereo Output / Output 24 bit, 48kHz / 44.1kHz
  •     16 Lexicon® rverbrations
  •     Lexicon Modulation Time and Effects
  •     Compression and de-essing dbx®
  •     Intuitive navigation and large LCD display
  •     5 effects routing options
  •     99 factory programs and 99 user programs
  •     "Hardware Plug-In"
  •     VST® plug-in software and Audio Units
  •     MX-Edit ™ Editor / Librarian Software
  •     Between MIDI with cascade
  •     Integrated feeding

Data sheet Lexicon MX300

Height185 mm
Width483 mm
Depth162 mm
Weight2.6 kg



Lexicon MX300

Lexicon MX300