Digitech Whammy DT

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The new Whammy DT offers musicians a new revolutionary tool for expression by adding to its iconic pedal many functions whose true bypass, the drop or capo tuning function. The first function is of course the famous Whammy pitch shift, became one of the most recognizable effects of rock history.

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More info Digitech Whammy DT

  • 9 different pitch bending modes that range from + to 2 octaves
  • 9 harmony modes
  • 2 detune modes and the popular dive bomb effect which allows a drop of 6 octaves
  • Instantly change tuning using the capo function
  • Rapidly changing the tone of the song with a very high quality guaranteed by advanced digital processing.
  • 2 selector buttons with their indication diode
  • True bypass
  • Ultra Solid Metal Chassis
  • Input and output jack 6.35mm
  • MIDI input for controlling the pedal from a MIDI system

Data sheet Digitech Whammy DT

Height59 mm
Width208 mm
Depth196 mm
Weight1.59 kg



Digitech Whammy DT

Digitech Whammy DT


Digitech is a trademark of Harman International Industries, a specialist in audio hardware since 1980.

Created in 1984, the Digitech brand has made many innovations in the music industry by producing guitar effects pedals as well as preamps and modulators.

Legends of music such as Eric Clapton could use them. Its latest innovation dates from 2015 with the TRIO pedal.

  • DOD has teamed up with Black Art Toneworks to create a guitar distortion pedal that will shake the walls, the Boneshaker. The DOD Boneshaker pedal has three independent distortion, depth and level settings, as well as a three-band parametric equalizer and a true bypass. The aluminum housing also incorporates a blue LED and a 9V power outlet.The circuit, which was designed by Black Art Toneworks, has been tuned specifically so you can use the DOD Boneshaker with baritones, basses and guitars that sound low and bold.

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  • The Looking Glass Overdrive is the result of a collaboration between DOD and the pedal manufacturer SHOE Pedals. The sense of detail has been pushed to the full in the careful design of the Looking Glass Overdrive pedal, creating a soft and musical energy with a character that can work well for any type of work - Solo, rhythm, low-gain , High-gain or even for boost equalization.Overdrive pedal with wide gain and tonal range Input filter control Bass and treble cut High and Low Gain Switch Internal buffer selector

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  • After inventing the loop nearly three decades ago, JamMan Solo XT from DigiTech brings you the ultimate stereo looping experience. Create energy in your performances and discover new inspiration with virtually unlimited loops. Seamless transitions between looped phrases make the JamMan Solo XT an invaluable tool for composing and executing. Get the stereo looping experience you need from direct loops to loop layers complicated by yourself or with your tape. Perfect your performance with Auto-Record, Auto-Quantize, adjustable BPMs and three different stop modes. Use the powerful JamSync to connect JamMan Solo XTs and create the ultimate multi-looping system. The JamMan Solo XT gives your musical performance a rich and complete sound while remaining faithful to the sound you compose.Store more than 35 minutes of stereo, CD quality loops in 200 internal memories The optional micro SDHC card can store more than 16 hours * of CD quality audio in 200 additional memories Record rhythm loops and solo on them on the fly, completely Hands-Free ™ Synchronize multiple JamMan Solo XT pedals together to create a looper or multi-track loop with other musicians. Connect to your computer via USB and use the JamManager ™ Loop Librarian software to organize and archive your loops. Input allows you to import music from CD and MP3...

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