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With the Soundcraft Vi series now firmly established as the favorite digital mixing console of sound professionals on touring, broadcasting and studios, Soundcraft has brought this amazing platform to another level and more affordable with the release of the new Console Vi1.

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Many users have requested a smaller, cheaper mixer, still equipped with the VistonicsTM user interface, and of course the now legendary sound quality established with the Vi series.

A complete set of standalone consoles with 32 analog input channels with 27 analog outputs, plus 6 digital inputs, 4 stereo effects outputs and 6 digital outputs in an ergonomic chassis. As standard, the input capacity for mixing is 46 channels, but by adding a scene box (compatible with existing Vi racks), the number of simultaneous channels changes to 64. Channels can be routed to 24 multifunction buses, As well as LR and Mono Mix buses.

Up to 8 buses can be configured as Matrix mixes, each with up to 16 sources.

The width is a little over one meter and includes 16 motorized channel faders with fixed user definable layers, 8 VCA faders / outputs and 2 master faders.

What's really cool about the Vi1 is the new Widescreen Vistonics interface, which is easy to use for users familiar with the Vi6 or Vi4, as well as keeping the same usability as other Vi consoles. This new development displays all settings for 16 channels side-by-side on a single 22 "Vistonics touchscreen.The upper half of the screen controls the output section as well as the Cue List or Menu. Parameters is via two rows of 16 Rotary Encoders: Exactly the same channel functionality as the Vi6 and Vi4 is available on the Vi1, with all the same basic snapshot, talkback and monitoring facilities.

Naturally, the Vi1 inherits many facilities from its elders, including Soundcraft FaderGlow ™, 4-channel Lexicon stereo effects engine, BSS Audio EQ graphics on all output busses and full dynamic on all channels. The console is also compatible with Vi2, 4 and 6 files.

  •     Quantification of 40 bit floating-point
  •     Ergonomic and compact control surface with 26 faders
  •     Large Touch Screen
  •     4x fixed input / 5 user layer layers with 32 programmable controls
  •     32x mic / line inputs max
  •     4x AES / EBU channels and 2 S / PDIF channels
  •     24 +3 line outputs
  •     A & B Main Outputs
  •     4x AES / EBU channels and 2 SPDIF channels
  •     8x VCA / 4 groups of mutes
  •     4x built-in stereo effects processors
  •     Power supply without PSU
  •     Card slot for optional D21M card (Vi-Local, including MADI, AES / EBU, ADAT, Tascam, Dolby E, SDI, CobraNet, Aviom, Ethersound, thomann RockNet, mic input and line input /
  •     Connection to OPTOCORE systems via MADI / Optocore converter


Height394 mm
Width1034 mm
Depth731 mm
Weight37,00 kg