AKG WMS 40 Instrumental

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Plug and Play! WMS40 MINI systems are perfect for those who need a fast and reliable HF link to implement. A fixed frequency to choose from 3 (ISM1-ISM2-ISM3) when purchasing the system. Once the batteries in the transmitter and receiver are switched on, the system is operational immediately without any configuration.

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More info AKG WMS 40 Instrumental

  • A fixed frequency HF channel
  • Frequency ISM1
  • Metal housing
  • Miniature transmitter
  • Powered by a single 1.5 V AA battery (30 hours of battery life)
  • Multiple frequency capability for simultaneous use of 3 channels
  • Frequency UHF ISM (Works throughout Europe)

Data sheet AKG WMS 40 Instrumental

Height65 mm
Width295 mm
Depth240 mm
Weight5 kg


AKG WMS 40 Instrumental

AKG WMS 40 Instrumental


The history of AKG

Audio quality is seventy : seven decades AKG. In the world of sound and professional audio, AKG microphones and headphones have for decades been synonymous with products of excellence. In 2017, the company will proudly celebrate its seventieth anniversary and begin the next phase of its international expansion. Recording studios, radio and television stations, operas and prestigious theaters all over the world use AKG equipment. Our microphones and helmets are often present in the photos of the great stars of international music for many years. AKG is today one of the world leaders in the manufacture of high-quality microphones, headsets and wireless equipment. Here is the brief summary of the genesis of one of the most prestigious brands in the world of professional audio.

Founded in 1947 in Vienna, Austria, by Rudolf Goerike and Ernst Pless, AKG quickly became one of the major players in the audio world. To say that AKG is synonymous with "good sound" is an euphemism; "Excellent" is more appropriate, because it represents passion for the quality of musical reproduction and natural propensity to innovation. In the early months of the company, the first AKG microphones were already acclaimed by radio stations, jazz clubs and concert halls. These equipments (the AKG DYN series) were at the time hand-made by a staff of five.

In 1949, the first AKG helmets appeared on the market. Then, in the early 1950s, AKG created the sensation with new products totally unreleased: the D 12, the first high-quality cardioid condenser microphone; The C 12, the first multi-purpose remote-controlled microphone; And the D 36 which will be a milestone in the history of acoustics. The BBC will be one of the first buyers of the famous C 12 for its London studios.

AKG extends worldwide

With its growing success, AKG also extends geographically with the creation of a subsidiary in Germany in 1955. In the late 1950s, AKG's distribution network was extended to other countries in Europe and beyond . In the sixties, AKG will begin to export to the countries of the former Eastern Bloc and Latin America. Concerned about the technological quality of its products, AKG will remain focused on what it can do: high-end audio sensors. The result will be products of excellence of all categories. In the following years, AKG will market the first two-way cardioid microphones (D 202, D 224) and develop the modular CMS condenser system.

1970s: AKG innovates all the way

The 1970s began as the 1960s ended: by continuous innovations. AKG inaugurated the decade with the presentation of the BX 20, the first mobile studio reverb unit. In 1972, British Post issued a special stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of the BBC showing historical microphones and models from the AKG catalog. One year later, AKG will be awarded its thousandth patent, at the same time as the K 140 integrated helmets, which will be followed by other innovations such as the AKG TS (Transversal Suspension) system, the first two-way World, and line-up of voice-optimized microphones that will cement the international reputation of AKG products. In the late 1970s, the first contracts were signed with Frank Sinatra, Roger Whittaker, Falco and other artists. Thanks to its technological mastery, AKG plays a pioneering role in the field of digital then in full emergence. The first equipment was successfully used for the Moscow Olympics in 1980. The company will continue on the path of innovation with products such as BX 25 ED digital / analog reverb and wide-diaphragm stereo condenser microphones and solid-state circuits.

New image on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary

AKG will be celebrating its seventieth anniversary in 2017, but rather than look back on its journey, the company prefers to look at its future with confidence on the basis of growth. Alongside an expansion to new international markets, AKG's strategic positioning in existing and emerging markets will be at the center of its efforts. To achieve these objectives, the brand has recently renewed its logo and revitalized its image. Many AKG products, innovative and unpublished, will be marketed in 2017. In doing so, and taking in parallel with many other initiatives, AKG aims to keep the world-wide reputation of its headsets and microphones in the world of professional audio.

  • The C1000S is equipped with a small size capsule, ideal for taking overhead drum sound, piano and acoustic instruments. Very robust, it is used as well on stage as in studio and is also totally adapted to the report radio and TV. Use without phantom power thanks to a power supply with two 1.5 V AA batteries for an autonomy of 120 hours. Gain switch 0 / -10 Db 80 Hz switchable low-cut filter Capsule and contact gold for better resistance to moisture Delivered with W1001 windscreen and PB1000 presence corrector optimizing speech intelligibility thanks to a 5 dB boost between 5 KHz and 9 KHz

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  • Micro Static Tie Mini XLR. Capsule cardioid tie, mini XLR Type Capsule Tie Mini Connector XLR-3 Power supply 1.5 to 10 VDC or 9 to 52 V Alim. Phantom of Choice Audio Specification Cardioid Directivity Frequency Response 15-18kHz Sensitivity 8.8 mV / Pa (-41 dBV) Impedance 200 ohms Impedance in load Mini> 2000 ohms Signal to Noise Ratio (DIN / IEC) 60 dB Noise 34 dB-A SPL Max (0.5% THD) 118 dB (k = 1%)

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  • The Emotion TriPower series is especially designed for live vocal and instrumental applications. Thanks to their satin finish, the hand pickups offer a particularly pleasant feel. A new design of the capsule suspension reduces handling noise. An oversized protective grid and a patented doubleflex anti-vibration system make microphones particularly suited to harsh scenic constraints.     Dynamic Cardioid Microphone     Evolution of the series Tripower     New Varimotion diaphragm improves frequency response     Compatible with TM40 transmitter module

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